Cancer is a very dangerous disease that can kill a person when not given the immediate care. However, there are some types of cancer. One type is the curable type of cancer, where there is a remedy. Another one is the most dangerous of all types, the silent killer cancer, this kind of cancer is very difficult to cure and needs alot of cash for chemotheraphy.


There is one plant or tree that has the ability to cure this types of cancer. Blushwood (Hylandia dockrillii), is a yellow tree, and has a medicinal properties that can cure and fight tumor. In the north of Queensland in Australia, in there rain forest has a little Blushwood plant. Scientists studied this kind of plant for 8 years and finally discovered some information.

300 animals (dogs, cats, horses, Tasmanian devils) are artificial due to tumors vrata and melanomi. Because of the use of the extracts from the berries of Blushwood cured alot of tumor cases for about 75%. According to the discoveries of researchers, there is no cure for tumors until this was found.

The berries contains an amazing ingredient that has the ability to kill and fight against the tumor cells. It directs the blood flow from the infected tissue and stimulates the immune system to the decomposition of active tumor remnants. The researchers emphasized that this plant has no side effects. The effect of the operation will stay for five minutes but the tumors will disapper after 15 days.

However, use the plant wisely and there is sone limitations. This kind of plant is very hard to find and grow especially outside of the Northern Queensland. But, there are some plants that has some similar effects to a person/ the tumor.


Here are the most effective effects of blushwood:

Hemp oil – use for a month

Chemotherapy can actually destroy one’s health. There is one man in Croatia that had been doing chemotherapy for four years, however, it destoyed his human organism. Then, he used this kind of oil and some unexpected thing happened. The man spit the tumor through his mouth. After a konth of using this kind of oil, the tumors broke into 2 pieces. Oil Cannabis can really help in the lives of people. It can cure cancer and do some miracles, this was already tested and proven.

Graviola – very helpful

There some secret studies since 1970 that this kind of plant can or has the ability to fight and kill cancer cells in one’s body. And this plant is more effective 10,000 times than the chemotherapy drug Adriamycin and (most commonly drugs used in chemotherapy) – consequences of treatment. Graviola restores the power and immunity one person, while, chemotherapy is cery exhausting.

Carrots – useful for 8 months

Ann Cameron cured her fourth stage cancer with just a carrot juice, with no chemotherapy, radiation and diet. She had a surgery colon cancer during the third stage, however, it became really.

Alot of doctors recommended her to do chemotherapy since she can’t prolong her life. She refused with this kind of idea and search for other remedy. Ralph Cole was cured with his cancer with only carrot juice, drinking 2 pounds of carrots per day. Then she did the same, drinking carrot juice with the same amount.

However, she is very forgetful, there are times that she didn’t drink for 3-4 days and eating some unhealthy foods and different foods.

But, yhe carrot juice did help her. In January 2013, after 8 weeks of drinking juice, the CT showed that the cancerous tumors stopped growing; there was a small deduction of tumors and swelling of the lymph nodes. In March 2013, no new tumors, no swollen lymph nodes, and existing tumors continue to disappear.

In July 2013, the cancer was gone, all swollen lymph nodes carcinogenic have returned to normal. After 8 months of drinking carrot juice, the cancer was gone.

There are really some remedies that are easy to find but we didn’t know that it can cure some disease. That is why always make sure of the content and its use.


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