Your Sitting Positions Reveals Your Personality

Every person has the ability to receive and give signals to people through body language. Not showing the right gestures could lead someone to conclude you are uninterested or dishonest regardless of your words. Body language includes your gestures and postures, telling people your thoughts and personality.

5 Different Sitting Positions and What They Say About You

1. Keeping your knees together but turn your toes inward when you sit.
– A person that sits in this position is most likely alluring, creative and a little childish. You are a “speak before you think” kind of person yet people see you as a happy person and not boring to be with. You know how to manage your problem effectively.

2. Crossed legs while sitting.
– A person who has this position is most likely dreamers. They tend to look weird to others because of their creative and strange ideas. Their imagination is wild and they are restless when stocked in one place. They have a friendly nature.

3. Sitting with legs apart.
– A person who sits like this has a lot of drama in all parts of life whether in family, friends, even in own self. Regardless of your dramatic and chaotic life, you manage to motivate yourself. You create comfort. You wear jeans and shirt over dress clothes.

4. Sitting with straight legs.
– A person who sits in this position is most likely neat and intelligent. They tend to be sensitive, avoid conflict and keep your feelings to yourself. You are straight-forward and hide your insecurities to yourself. This position shows you are a little bit tense but ready to give some actions.

5. Sitting with legs together and angled at one side.
– A person who sits in this position believes that everything has a time and place. You focus on career, education, and set goals to achieve it. You are well-dress all the time because you think that good appearance is important. You are sensitive when others put you down though people see you as the opposite.

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