People wants to have a fit body. Eversince then, diet is already part of our lifestyle. Especially to those people who are overweight, they tend to stop eating the foods of their choice or favorites and choose the food with a little of calories. However, the extra pounds tend to put our health at risk. It could reault to diabetes, gallbladder disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and even a wide range of cancers. And because of this, people tend to want a healthy weight since it can lower the risk of having these kinds of disease.

This food or diet plan was made by an European Cardiologist. The main source of protein is the eggs, it is much better if it is an organic egg, and fresh fruits. This is more effective and helpful if it is with daily exercise even for just thirty minutes.

This is a very simple diet plan. The breakfast is the same everyday.

Breakfast: 1 piece of one’s favorite fruit, except for grapes or bananas. A serving of blackberries or blueberries will provide the needed antioxidants.

Day 1

Lunch: 1 orange, a cup of yogurt, 1 egg

�Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, 2 pieces of toast, ½ a cucumber or a small bowl of lettuce, 2 tomatoes

Day 2

Lunch: 1 orange, a cup of yogurt, 1 boiled egg

�Dinner: a piece of toast, 125 gr. of red meat, a cup of tea or coffee with no sugar, 1 orange

Day 3

Lunch: 1 cucumber, 1 orange, 1 boiled egg

�Dinner: 125 gr. of cooked red meat, 1 orange, a piece of toast, a cup of coffee or tea with no sugar

Day 4

Lunch: a piece of toast, 1 orange, 125 gr. of cottage cheese

�Dinner: the same with Day 3

Day 5

Lunch: a piece of toast, 200 gr. of cooked meat or fish, 1 tomato

�Dinner: ½ a pound of cooked carrots, potatoes and peas

This should be strictly followed for five days, and have a 2 days rest before restarting the cycle. Cook the vegetables without salt and avoid the alcohol. If one is suffering from health issue, much better if one should consult the doctor.

This can be really helpful and useful when this is really followed. This can really help lose some weight.


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