This Boy Found Inside A Wall For 2 years, After He Was Heard Singing.

On a Facebook post by Michael Phils, he shared a video on Youtube about this person who got trapped in a wall in Ondo state and had been missing for almost 2 years.

One day, a man was walking when he suddenly heard a strange noise coming from somewhere. When he tried to find where the noise coming from, he discovers that it came from the wall.

The man was disturbed because there’s no other person aside from him that time but was sure that he heard a strange sound it may be from someone singing. He immediately told the police about the disturbing sound he heard.

According to InfactBuzz, the authorities immediately arrived at the place where the man heard the strange sound. They took a pick-ax to the wall where they found out that it was the boy who has been missing for almost 2 years. In the video, he was seen crouched inside the wall, there wasn’t enough space to bend so he has to raise his other arm. He was there for almost two years covered in grey dust and without food to eat and water to drink.

Believe it or not, he was trapped inside the wall and been crying out for help. People ignored his shouts and nobody even tried to look for him.

Fortunately, the man who happened to passed was so curious about the sound and report it immediately to the authorities to find out the reason behind the strange sound. His curiosity rescued the boy for he is now alive and breathing and was miraculously unhurt by his ordeal.

Watch the video below:

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Source: InFactBuzz

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