Everyone Thought They Are Couples,Until They Discover The Story Behind This Photos.

No one is more than happy on every achievement and special days of children than what parents or grandparents do. Fathers, in particular, are the ones guiding their daughter towards the altar to meet the man who she will share the rest of her life.

The 25-year-old woman named Fu Xuewei from China does not have any plans to get married soon because she was busy with her career. She’s was not sure if her 87-year-old grandfather with a serious illness would see the day that she is meeting the ‘man of her life.’

Series of photos were posted on social media where she was seen dressed in all white, beautiful wedding dress together with her grandfather. He always wanted to see her granddaughter get married but she does not have any plans to get married soon because of her career.

But why would she do that? The reason why she did that is that she loves her grandfather so much.

According to Thinking Carabao, Fu Xuewei is actually an entrepreneur and she grew up on the side of her grandparents. Eventually, her parents separated when she was ten years old and was given in custody of her grandparents. She left to study abroad in Switzerland and Singapore. She always treats her grandparent as her very close friends and always told them stories about her life and experience.

Fu idolized her grandfather because he is a strong man. But despite this, he is soft-hearted towards her and being spoiled by her grandfather. But all has changed when her grandfather became ill. His conditions are too delicate that there are chances that he will die soon. Due to his condition, she decided to cherish every moment and every second of her life with her grandfather.

She cared about her grandfather too much that she does not care about money anymore. She then decided to conduct a wedding photo no matter how much it cost her. She wants to at least let her grandfather see her what she will look like on her wedding day just like how he would imagine it.

The woman didn’t disclose the true condition of her grandfather. But the report said that he already suffered from a cerebral stroke wherein he cannot move anymore and was admitted to the hospital for almost 3 months. The old man has a heart disease.

To remember his grandfather, Ms. Fu put a tattoo of her grandfather`s face on her arm because she also wants her friends and future family sees how her grandfather looks like.

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