Every 12 Noon, No One Is Allowed To Swim In This Enchanted River In The Philippines! Here’s Why!

This Enchanted River In The Philippines Is Ristricted Every 12 Noon. Here’s why!

Fairy tales and fiction movies depict an imaginary and magical story that is not true in real life. Enchanted stories are often seen in movies but do you really think it’s just in movies/

Hinatuan Enchanted River at Surigao del Sur in the Philippines is a spring river that flows towards the Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean and considered as enchanted by Diplomat Modesto Farolan in his poem entitled Rio Encantado.


The Hinatuan enchanted river was found in 1991 by Alex Santos. Eleven years after, the three divers headed by Dr. Alfonso Amores in February 2010 unveil the secrets of the river to be 30 meters deep.

On June 17, 2014, the further discovery was prohibited because Dr. Amores suffers heart attack as he fails to get out from the narrow opening of the 40-meter-deep underwater cave. After then, all attempts for explorations were prohibited.


After a year, Bernil Gastardo, one of the divers with Dr. Amores, begin the further investigation with the University of San Carlos – Biology Department and DENR-BMB.

Myths and conjecture were brought by the nearby villagers because of its uncanny color and undiscovered depths. Some supposed that the jade color and sapphire of the water was under the influence of fairies and some presume that the river inhabits “Ingkantos”.

Be advice that every 12 noon, the enchanted river is restricted not because of any unexplained circumstance but this is the time for feeding thousands of fishes living in the river. The one feeding the fishes is reportedly playing the Hymn of Hinatuan to get the attention of the fishes.


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