Sila Pala Ang 8 Artista Na Kadalasan Kinaiinisan Ng Marami Sa Telebisyon.


We cannot deny the fact that we can’t please everyone no matter how favorable, good and talented you are. A simple mistake could change the way people perceive you and worst, destroy your name in an instant.

On the other hand, celebrities are supposed to entertain us with their skills and talents. But as expected, there are celebrities who failed in doing their jobs and ended up annoying people.

Here are the 8 Filipino celebrities hated by most on TV:

1. Gretchen Barretto

Actress/Professional fight picker Gretchen Barretto is one of the most hated celebrities in showbiz Industry. Having been in show business for most of her life, Gretchen now does modeling and various other showbiz activities. Gretchen has also been in publicized alleged world wars with Imelda Cojuangco, Dawn Zulueta, Nadia Montenegro and Lani Mercado.

2. Marian Rivera

As much as there are many people who love Marian Garcia Rivera-Dantes or popularly known as Marian Rivera, there is also a number of them who do not approve of her. She may be one of the most beautiful women in Showbiz however people claims that she doesn’t have enough ‘class’.

3. Kris Aquino

Who doesn’t hate her iconic laugh and ‘maarte’ accent? Kris Aquino may be the Queen of All Media but she is definitely not our type of queen. Some fans love to impersonate Tita Kris for her extraordinary personality, however, some also hate her for being ‘too maarte’.

4. Kim Chiu

She may be the “Chinita Princess” but she is surely not the type of icing that we want on our cupcakes, right? Her face is surgically modified according to many.

5. Daniel Padilla

According to many, Daniel can’t sing. Daniel Padilla has annoyed a lot of netizens because of his ‘pa-cool’ look, especially when he was compared to a Hollywood Actor, Cole Sprouse.

6. Vice Ganda

Jokes to insults, it’s difficult to decipher Vice Ganda’s humor. A lot of people are annoyed by the senseless trend he sets, considering he is one of the most influential personalities in Showbiz is one of the most viewed on Philippine Tv.

7. Toni Gonzaga

Toni is named as the Ulitmate Multimedia Star. She is known for being a good host, an actress, and a singer. However, there are some reports that she is a total snob in person. Some claim that she has a “diva attitude”.

8. Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre, despite steadily rising to the top of her career had received lots of flak and intense hate after she was voted FHMs ‘most sexiest woman’. Nadine was also bashed and hated after she expressed that she’s living in with her boyfriend, James Reid.

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