Viral Video Of A Couple Having S*x While Riding A Motorcycle In The Middle Of Highway!



This couple obviously can’t wait to get home and do their private thing but instead, caught on having sex while riding on a motorcycle.

This shocking stunt was filmed southeastern Paraguay and motorists just couldn?t believe what they saw.

The said video is now making rounds on the web and aside from fame, they received negative comments from the internet users.

According to Elite Newsfeed, authorities have already started investigations on the matter to find out about the identities of the two people who committed the lewd act. A motorist, who drove past the semi-naked couple, filmed the act with a smartphone.

As you can see in the video, the woman is seen lying on her back with her head near the handlebars. She was wrapping her legs around the man who appeared to be shirtless. Aside from the reckless driving, people were quick to scrutinize that both of them weren’t wearing protective gear, like helmets, while riding the motorcycle.

Because of their recklessness, the couple could face a fine of around 3 million Paraguayan Guarani (about $530), according to a report from Mirror.  If authorities are successful in tracking the couple down and they get convicted, they would need to pay those fines.

Moreover, the motorcycle driver is suspected to be drunk and if there is evidence to prove it, he would not only pay a hefty fine but may also face jail time.

Watch the video of this couple having sex on a moving motorcycle below:

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