The Story Of A Couple That Was Destined To Be From Birth To Death.

This couple was born the same day and time. They were truly destined to be when they fall in love with each other as they realize that both their birthdays and other coincidences others cannot explain. Surprisingly, they’re also destined together even unto death.

According to reports, the couple is both architecture students. They first met when the man accidentally lost his identification card. She was lucky because the woman picked it up and returned the ID. This incident makes them realized that they have the same birthday, June 15, 1997. They both thought that perhaps the fate brought them into this situation so they would meet together so they switched cell phone numbers. Later, they entered a deeper and more serious relationship.

In fact, they both came from a broken family and their house number is the same, # 3. Another surprising fact is that their car plate number both ends at 39.

When they started dating, their relationship was filled with joy and laughter. Everything is a wonderful blessing from the Lord until an unexpected incident changed in their lives forever.

The couple helps each other to finish a coursework when they both got hungry and decided to eat outside. Unfortunately, they were involved in a car accident that instantly killed them.

On February 25, the couple boarded a Suzuki car to eat out. A few moments when they passed the school entrance, a squabble vehicle from the opposite lane ran into their vehicle.

Police discovered the incredible similarities in their lives when they checked their identification cards. In the midst of an investigation of the incident, police also learned that they also died together.

After the painful tragedy, their parents decided to hold a funeral for them so they could care for each other in the next life. Their body was cremated on March 3. At the funeral, various pictures of the couple have been displayed to show how happy they are.

We can not really determine where one’s life goes. May their souls rest in peace.

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