How Often Should You Make Love According To Your Age! Read Here!

We all know that sexual intercourse is more than just a call of nature but have underlying benefits in our body and a scared activity between couples. In this, partners connect deeply with each other and make their relationship stronger.

Regular lovemaking lower blood pressure, eases stress and anxiety, and promotes good sleep. However, how often a person should make love also depends on one’s age.

Below is the idea of how often one should have intercourse according to age:

Age 18 – 29 years

Surprisingly, this group of young adults falls on the age group who should have intercourse more often, and when we say often, according to some research that should be approximately 112 times a year or about twice a week.

Age 30 – 39 years

They say when a person reaches the age 30 that is the time when life takes a U-turn when it comes to career, marriage, and family. People in this age group should have sexual intercourse 86 times a year or equivalent to 7 times a month, a pretty normal and still healthy sex life.

Age 40 – 49 years

“Life begins at 40.” This is the common phrase we hear from the people in this age group. But love making should not be out of their vocabulary as a study suggests that they should be indulging in making love 69 times a year or almost 5 times a month.

Age 50 plus

If you’re thinking people in this age group should just forget about s3x already, you are so wrong. As a matter of fact, people ages 50 and above often have the best s3x in their life in this stage as they have more free time, as per blog entitled “Best of Everything after 50.” Although the number of times they should have intercourse are not disclosed in the report, most people in this age group became more sexually active than during their 40s.

Keep in mind that the number of sexual intercourse you get does not fall on this ratio. But there are only a survey based on a minimum number of people and should not prescribe your own sexual life.

On the other hand, if you are having insecurities, feel free to discuss it with your partner to improve your relationship and maximize benefits.

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Source: UrDailyJournal

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