A Simple Headache That Lasts For 2 Weeks Killed A Young Boy!

As the saying goes ‘Health is Wealth’, people are now giving much attention to their health than ever before. Nowadays, many people are embracing natural and organic foods and supplements to maintain their health and it is a possession everyone should not take lightly.

But on the sad point, some people have not enough time and resources to make themselves healthy. There are cases wherein just a snap, they ended up in the hospital and worst died instantly. Just like this story of health awareness which is recently going rounds on social media.

One Facebook user named Jovelyn Mendoza Maniebo shared the sudden and unexpected death of her brother, Patrick who never showed severe signs or symptoms of being sick.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Jovelyn narrated how everything started with just a simple headache and fever that her brother neglected and simply shrug off.

She recalled that on March 11, 2018, Patrick started to feel sick and complains of an unbearable headache. Instead of seeking medical attention, Patrick chose to just sleep and rest it off. But after 5 days, Patrick had a seizure so his family rushed him to the hospital.

In the hospital, Patrick received medications and admitted under intensive care unit, after series of tests, doctors only them that Patrick is suffering from encephalitis, but he still needs to undergo series of tests to pinpoint the cause of his illness.

According to Medical News Today, encephalitis as “an acute inflammation (swelling) of the brain usually resulting from either a viral infection or due to the body’s own immune system mistakenly attacking brain tissue.” Its symptoms normally can range from a simple headache, fever, drowsiness, and loss of consciousness to extreme seizures or worse, coma.

After spending few days in the ICU, he became stable but still unconscious. His family member never lost faith in his recovery but even after showing good signs and stable vitals.

Unfortunately, on March 27, 2018, Patrick passed away after being revived for almost 30 minutes. Though the family poured all their money for Patrick’s medication, they were not able to recover his health and life.

In hopes that her brother’s experience would be a warning to people that is why Jocelyn shared the post.

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Source: UrDailyJournal

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