Dahan-dahang Pumasok Si Misis Sa Kwarto at Nakita na May 4 na Paa Sa Kama Nila, Kaya Heto ang kanyang Nagawa, Pero Andun Pala Si Mister Sa Kusina!

Cheating in a relationship is clearly happening nowadays, that is why sometimes it is hard to trust a man or even a woman.

This one wife thought that her husband cheated on her which could definitely happen, however, the husband didn’t cheat.

The wife came home pretty late from partying, when she arrived home, she tried very silent to enter their room so that she wouldn’t wake her husband up. But when she entered, she saw four legs poking out the blanket sheets. So the wife immediately get the baseball bat and hit the blanket with all her might.

When she was done, she was going to the kitchen to drink water. But when she was entering the kitchen she saw her husband reading a magazine. When her husband saw her, “Hi Darling,” he said, “Your parents have come to visit us, so I let them stay in our bedroom. Did you say, ‘Hello’ to them?” After her husband told her that she was really shocked.

That is why always make sure of the things you get suspicious of. Alway think before you act.


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