We Mostly Drink It Every Day. But Latest Study Confirm It Increases The Risk Of Developing Breast Cancer.

A recent study by scientists in Norway, has discovered that drinking milk 3 times or more a day can
lead to breast cancer than those people who drink once a day.

We know that as day goes by more people are at risk at having breast cancer and most experts believe that milk is one of the reason.

According to the latest statistics, Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Canada and America has the highest rate of breast cancer.

Also these countries are known to have alot of milk production and consumption. The medical experts found out that the low rate of breast cancer are the countries with less production and consumption of milk.

Milk has alot of hormones and other compounds that lead to cancer cells. Also there is Vitamin D supplements added to the milk and other dairy products.

The medical experts also found that people who has breast cancer consumed twice as much synthetic Vitamin D.

There is other factors that can contribute to breast cancer development, example of this is poor diet, low consumption of vegetables and fish, excessive consumption of processed sugar, dough and pork. Wearing tight bra can also lead to breast cancer.

Women who wear bra for 12 hours have an increased risk of breast cancer by 20 times, compare to those who wear it once in a while. We hope this article can really help you. And if you want to save lives share this article to your friends, family and loved ones.

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