This Couple Will Get Married In 5 Days But They Were Separated Forever After The Bride Sadly Suffer This.

This Taiwanese couple is soon to be united forever as one in marriage but a devastating accident leaves it only as a dream.

Ren Ai Ni and Lu Chun-Hsien had been together for 13 years. In all those time the couple had formed a love that is so unbreakable and deep that they decided to get married on October 1.

But on September 26, the bride, Ren Ai Ni was crossing the junction in Taoyuan, Taiwan when she met an unfortunate accident.

But on one fateful day after her appointment with her doctor, she was run over by a hospital bus which was moving on the reverse. She was killed on the spot, not even the nearby hospital could revive her. She was turning 32-years old the next day, but unfortunately, she didn’t get to celebrate it.

What made it more worst is that she wouldn’t be able to celebrate her most-awaited day, her wedding. Like any other fiance, Lu Chun-Hsien has so devasted that it took him days before he can talk about the loss. On October 16, they held a funeral for Ren which was so beautiful it may have surpassed their how the wedding would have been.

According to InFactBuzz, 400 blank cards were distributed to the guests for them to write their messages and a grand galore of the montage of the deceased was held. It was a grand Christian funeral, yet the groom was often seen breaking down and couldn’t speak on stage. Everyone in attendance could see how hard it is for Lu. Their hearts went out to him, Lu’s pain is something he has to bear.

The bus driver and representatives from the hospital came in attendance bringing wreaths and offering their sincere apologies but it can bring back the life of her beloved.

On his social media account, Lu wrote:

“it’s the 19th day I’ve not spoken to you. I finally put a ring on your finger today. We’re married! Sorry, you had to wait for another two weeks. Even though you still can’t help me wear my ring, and you can’t see me in my wedding suit.”

“Even though I’m alone now, I will move forward bravely. It’s just a little tough now, and I need more time. So please allow me to miss you a little longer, and remember how good you were to me, your affection, and all the things we never got to do so that I can continue to complete our life. In our next life, I hope you will marry me again.”

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