Heto Ang Listahan Ng Pinakamahal Na Mga Materyales Sa Buong Mundo!

Do you have any idea what are the most expensive materials on the earth?

For many years, most people believed that gold is the most expensive material on earth. Little did we know, there are numerous new compounds and materials being discovered for these recent years.

In this article, we have listed from the most expensive to the lowest price on the market here on earth and some are uniquely made for new advancements.

16. Saffron — $11/gram

It is a most valuable spice which is processed very intricately and time-consuming. It has the most effective means for cooking with its grandiose flavor and healing properties which are usually compared to some flavoring spices.

15. Gold — $56/gram

It is undoubtedly the most-known type of metal here on Earth. It has been used for ornaments and jewelry which has been revered by most people as a sign of beauty and elegance.

14. Rhodium — $58/gram

It is a type of metal which belongs to the platinum group. It is an extremely rare metal which could be seen in the deepest parts of Earth crust.

13.Platinum — $60/gram

It is a rare and a very precious type of metal with a silvery steel color. It is highly resistant to corrosion and acid which has also a hard substance which is used for metal implants in the body.

12. Methamphetamine — $100 /gram

It is a type of compound which is used for certain medication but is prohibited by law if it is used for addiction and unsafe medication.

11. Rhinoceros’s horn — $110/gram

Highly valuable in the black market for it is used for ornaments and also for medicinal use. It also caused extinction in the Rhino population because of poaching and animal killing.

10. Heroin — $130/gram

It is also used for certain medication for its anesthetic purposes. It is an opiate which also used for altering the mind’s perception which is constantly used for addiction.

9. Cocaine — $236/gram

It is a crystal powder which is a narcotic drug which could be fatal if abused usage. It is prohibited by law which could be used for some medication to reduce severe pain.

8. LSD — $3,000/gram

It is also a narcotic substance which alters the psychoactive and motor responses of the person who uses it. It is hard to manufacture that is why it costs very pricey.

7. Plutonium — $4,000/gram

It is a radioactive metal which is used for nuclear power and also a source of energy for ships and aircraft.

6. Painite — $9,000 per gram

It is a very rare type of stone which has a reddish-brown color. Only hundreds of painite have been acquired all over the world.

5. Taaffeite — $20,000/gram or $4,000/carat

It is a type of stone which has a violet, pink or white color which is rarer than diamonds. It is not very popular jewelry because it is so much expensive.

4. Tritium — $30,000/gram

It is a type of radioactive gas which is used for lighting such as illumination but mostly for an energy source and nuclear bombs. It costs around 15 million US dollars just to produce a tritium.

3. Diamond — $55,000/gram

It is known as one of the most precious stones on Earth which are adorned by many ladies.

2. Californium — $25-27 million/gram

It is also a radioactive chemical element which is used as a power source for nuclear reactors.

1. Antimatter — $62.5 trillion per gram

It is the most expensive substance or particle in the Earth which is used for theoretically powering spacecraft for interstellar exploration because of its capacity for holding a mass power like a nuclear energy.

Bonus: Jade stone — $170 million

Miners in Myanmar have found the world’s largest jade stone in a remote mine in Kachin State, in the north of the country. The stone is 14ft high and 19ft long and weighs approximately 200 tons. This beautiful jade boulder will be sent to China, where it will be carved up into expensive jewelry and sculptures.

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