Heto Ang 8 Klarong Senyales Na TAPAT Si Lalaki Sa Iyo At Hindi Ka Kayang Lokohin Kailanman.

Being relationship is never been easy for couples because of struggles and doubts they would face. Entering into a relationship should have a pure intention of trust and understanding as an absolute foundation of the relationship.

But the big question most girls ask is, how do you know if this man deserves to be trusted? What are the actions or signs that will prove that he has a strong love for you?

However, these are the 8 signals that show how genuine and true your man to you.

1. Actions more than promises

It is important for a relationship that he expresses his emotions through acts and not just pure words. One of the examples is that he expresses his feelings of how beautiful are you in his eyes and he lets you feel special through his actions.

2. He is always eager to talk to you

He wants to talk to you often and always provides time to talk to and greet with text or call even if he is busy with his activities.

3. He will do everything just to meet you

He will always find the time or date to meet you where you can get more from each other. He’s always eager to see you so he will do everything to meet you.

4. He wants to know things about you

A man who is loyal to love is always interested in all the stories or say you. Even the small details you have mentioned will really remain in her mind.

5. He knows everything about your family

He knows the names of all members of your family, even the work of your parents. Above all, he is very interested in every time you meet about the things happening in your home.

6. He fulfills his promises

It is one of the most important things to know that he loves you very much because he is a man who has a firm conviction of the words and promises he gives you.

7. He reshares your opinion

Being a gentleman is one of the proofs that he is a good man. He is always listening and interested in what you are saying and above all, he has high regard for your opinion.

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8. He never ignored you

You are very special to him and he always tries to spend more time with you.

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