Alamin ang Sampung Bansang Binansagang Top S*x Tourism Destinations Sa Buong Mundo.

Deny it or not, vacation is very exciting especially when it is outside the country. Some people choose to travel abroad for a unique holiday and plan everything they need to make their vacation worth remembering.

Shopping, sightseeing, beach hopping, exploring the finest restaurants and other fun adventures are often on the list of tourists. But do you know that there are some tourists who go to a country for a different reason?

In fact, the purpose of sex tourism is to attract tourists to participate in sexual activities. Most tourists who bite this thing are men and usually, service providers are women.

It’s definitely worth saying that it’s a booming billion-dollar industry as there are estimated millions of sex workers have been around the world who are trafficking in legal or illegal industries depending on the law of a country.

It is the Top 10 countries known worldwide for prostitution:

10. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is one of the Caribbean countries is said to be rising in the field of sex tourism. This country has about 60,000 to 100,000 women whose trade is sex. This industry is winning since it is only near the United States. While prostitution is legal in the country, it is illegal to have sex with a minor. Unfortunately, most sex workers in this country are younger than the age allowed.

9. Cambodia

Even if prostitution is strictly prohibited in this country, this industry continues to operate. Today, child sex tourism is emerging in this country. The virgin women are undergoing the auction process where the higher bidder is able to bring the child home. Because of extreme poverty, parents themselves sell their children to become a sex slave

8. The Netherlands

Amsterdam is known for its red light district. In this city, there are many peep shows, strip clubs and sex shops targeting tourists. Here, the prostitutes will see themselves in large glass windows while wearing a bikini. The prostitution industry is legal and sex workers are protected.

7. Kenya

Like Cambodia, poverty is also the main reason why women are biting this job and most of them are 12 years old when they first start working on this job. AIDS / HIV disease is widespread in this country due to lack of education and sexual information. With the number of customers a day, only 60% of women use protection like condoms.

6. Philippines

The prostitution in this country is illegal but the prostitution industry is tortured here despite the severe punishment of the law. 40-60% of tourists are standing here only for prostitution that is embraced by some 500,000 sex workers working in scattered bars in the country.

5. Colombia

Colombia is not only famous for its drug cartels but also known in the prostitution industry. It is said that most women lower their service price to get more customers. There are many tourists looking for curvy women, according to the image of Hollywood actress Sofia Vergara who came from this country.

4. Indonesia

Child sex trafficking is worsened by the strong sex tourism industry. In this country, prostitution is considered a crime. But the proliferation of online sex forums and social media prostitution did not stop. Because the internet has facilitated the process of getting women to sell themselves, the prostitution problem has grown rapidly in this country.

3. Spain

Spain’s prostitution is legal. Because of this, it is one of the top sexual destinations across Europe. While Barcelona is considered a tourist attraction, Madrid is known for its red light district. Most of their sex workers are from South America and they are being pushed to become sex slaves in this country.

2. Brazil

Sex tourism is highly popular in this country due to its attractive beaches, exotic wildlife, popular tourist destinations, wild festivals such as the Carnaval and other fascinating women. It is said that there is no ugliness in this country.

1. Thailand

Due to the feature of the Hollywood movie The Hangover II, the red light district of this country is becoming increasingly popular. The law against prostitution in this country is not clear, therefore, this industry is unstable because of this part of their culture and beliefs. Also, transgenders are common in this country that looks like real women whose name is ‘ladyboy’. It is said that there are 3 million sex workers in this country and 25% are minors. Unfortunately, some of the sex workers in this country are victims of human trafficking but this regulation of the industry is largely so much that they want to be part of it.

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