One Of The World War II Treasure Hidden In A Forest, Resurfaced!

There are hobbies that give you more than just fun. Businessmen, in particular, always pursue hobbies where they earn money and one of that is treasure hunting.

In treasure hunting, people use a metal detector, an electronic instrument which detects the presence of metal nearby. This tool is useful for finding metal inclusions hidden within objects, or metal objects buried underground.

How fun and exciting it is to find hidden wonderful things but aside from that, it can give you a lot of money.

In the article published by InFactBuzz, a guy recently shared his wonderful experience of metal detecting as he found a treasure in a forest that could end up in museums.

According to the unknown guy, they were metal detecting in a nearby forest when they suddenly found something they didn’t expect to find.

What they found was a World War Two Motorcycle that was buried for about 80 years. As some amateur metal detector enthusiast finds only car scraps, this guy found a whole motorcycle bike!

The source also stated that the Motorcycle was studied on what type of motorcycle it was and later on found out that maybe its a Red October L-300 motorbike or the original DKW Luxus 300 where the Russian got their inspiration.

As you can see in the photos, the motorbike seems to be in good condition and can still take you to places. Imagine how cool it would look, driving a vintage motorbike.

However, the last photo shows that it was finally restored and looks like it was possibly displayed in museums.

Just think about it, how much do a metal detectors cost versus the money he could have if he sells it? But well, big thanks to this unknown guy who discovered part of our history that was forgotten for decades.

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