Sinubukang Landiin ng Babaeng Ito ang Lalaking TAKEN Na, At Heto Na Lamang Ang Ending ng Convo Nila.

It seems pretty obvious, if he’s taken, he’s taken. You know that you shouldn’t flirt with a guy who has a girlfriend or wife, but that doesn’t mean that the temptation is not there. It’s a massive dilemma you’ve gotten yourself into; you’ve met somebody who’s fun to chat with, and even more fun to text. He gives you a lot of attention, he’s funny, smart, but he’s taken.That’s when the appeal to go over the acceptable line occurs. It’s an awful situation to be wanting someone who’s already taken. But this particular woman learned her lesson the hard way after she discovers who she’s talking to all along.

This is a story of a college girl who tried flirting with a man who already has a girlfriend. She got a taste of her own medicine when she tried flirting with this man on Facebook messenger. Little did she know the man’s girlfriend who had been sending her the replies.


At the start of their conversation, the flirty girl initiates the conversation by saying ‘hi’ and complimenting the man. However, when she noticed the cold replies from the man, she began calling her ‘sungit’.

Moments later, things elevated quickly when the woman thought that at some point, her plans are happening, and so she named a meeting place and time and even told the man to bring a condom with him.

The woman was shocked after she found out who’s she is talking to.

It was then when the girlfriend of the man revealed that all along, it’s her who had been sending the replies.

Their conversation ended when the man’s girlfriend sent photos of a gun, a knife, and a scissor with words asking the woman what she wanted her boyfriend to use to pleasure her itchiness.

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