Napaisip Ang Lahat Kung Ano ang Laman Ng Malaking Tyan Ng Ahas Na ito, At NAGULAT Sila Ng Mabuksan Ito.

It is not a surprise that just a single bite from a snake can either put you in danger or worst, kill you in an instant. However, that doesn’t excuse us from taking away the life of the creature as well.

Recently, villagers encountered a snake with a swollen stomach and were surprised after they opened it. Thinking that it ate a huge livestock, they discover dozens of slimy eggs inside.

Initially, villagers assumed it swallowed a livestock so they decided to sliced open the colossal dead snake. However, the moment they opened it, they were surprised to find dozens of slimy snake eggs inside.

According to The Sun, the huge snake was killed by the locals in Nigeria who suspected that it swallowed a calf because of its extremely bloated tummy. Local reports claimed that the gargantuan reptile fell under suspicion of eating the farmer’s livestock because of its swollen stomach and so the farmers had no choice but to cut the snake open in hopes of finding the calf alive.


However, the moment they killed the snake and the moment they opened it, they discovered that the snake’s stomach was swollen because it was pregnant. They pulled back the scaly skin of the snake and found dozens of veiny, slimy, pink snake eggs packed three rows in a scene showing off.

A lot of online users were horrified after seeing what had happened. A few netizens also felt bad for the snake and the unborn babies of the snake.

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Source: Showbiz Insight

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