11 Things Women Secretly Wanted In Bed But Are Too Shy To Ask.

11 Things Women Secretly Wanted In Bed

Most women are often silent on what they want and allow men to choose for them. This is their way to know whether their partners know what they like and want. Women are taught to be reserved and behave in a way they express their love to someone.

They have their own love language express in all forms like by saying I Love You, giving gifts, hug and kiss, conversation and all other forms.

Philippine women, I should say are different than any other women in some countries. Filipinas are groomed and raised to be “Maria Clara”, a traditional Filipina who are sweet and soft talkers when they like someone.

Over the course of time, a man should figure out what are the things they wanted to have or received. One way to know it is through communication.


1. Women wanted their partners to be unpredictable in bed. They don’t want it scheduled or depends on your mood. Be spontaneous if you need to and act out of the box. Try new things that will make her more interested and excited. Don’t make her bored.

2. Be seductive. Sound’s funny but it works.

3. They want to be treated like a queen. Make her feel she’s the most beautiful girl in the world by surprising her with a date. Put petals on the floor, prepare champagne, touch her face, etc. Pamper her with sweetness. Kiss her slowly, look into her eyes, and lead the way.

4. Be hard sometimes. If you do, be sure to respect her with words. Don’t make it awkward. Sometimes, women wanted to have a foreplay. So if you want to win her over, bring out the actor in you and do it in bed.

5. Some women wanted to have sex early in the morning compare at night. Girls will like that.

6.Cook her a breakfast while she’s in bed. You can also kiss her to wake her up or massage her a bit.

7. Have an intimate communication. To married couples, a conversation is a tool to make the relationship grow. You don’t need a topic, just talk under the sun.

Most women are silent on what they feel or what’s wrong with them. She will eventually talk to you if she feels that you are interested in her thoughts as well. You can also do that by sending her a text message.

8. Don’t be in a hurry. Always make her feel appreciated both her perfections and imperfections. Take it slow and hold her like a fragile glass. Don’t rush.

9. Some women like oral sex. Just start to kiss and then go down. You can also ask her. Make her feel that you want what she wants.

10. Kiss her passionately. Slowly undress her and be more seductive. take it slow. She’ll do undress you as well if she’s into it.

11. Some women love to have sex outside the bedroom. Go wherever she wants. Make her feel that having sex outside the bed is also adventurous like in the shower, car, desk, and make her feel she is wanted.

Take note that communication is important. Sex is not just in her mind. There might be a lot of things she wanted to do or wanted to say. Your job is to pay attention and have a listening ear.

These things don’t make her less as a woman and don’t make you more as a man. Be sure that respect is always in between.

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