4 Daughters Of A Fishball Vendor Finished College And Became An Inspiration.

4 Daughters Of A Fishball Vendor Finished College And Became An Inspiration.

Stories of hardships to success inspired people all around the world. Experiences are tools in reaching dreams that are somehow lofty to achieve.

Have you ever experience being bullied by friends or people? It hurts, right? How much more if people discourage and mocked you about you because of your family’s financial capabilities.

Parents are more than just parents. They are a blessing from heaven. An encouraging tongue when you need encouragements, a shoulder to lean on, and hand to help you stand up from disappointments.

Girlie Verzosa, a daughter of a fishball vendor, experience being belittled when she was young. She was bullied because her father was just a fishball vendor.

On her Facebook post, she narrated how grateful and thankful she is of her parent’s hard work to raise them well. This post went viral and the comment section was flooded with comments.

When she was a kid, she remembered being called names in school because of her parent’s source of living. She even remembered being bullied with a facial mark to fishballs as what her father sells and one of her classmates call their house garbage upon seeing the cart her father use to sell fishball.

Instead of self-pity, she encouraged herself by the words of wisdom her father gave her and never pretend to be someone else just to fit in and find friends.

Her bullies eat their words after knowing she is graduated as salutatorian in elementary.

Versoza graduated from college last June 30 which also meant that her tuition and all other school expenses was shouldered by her parents.

She posted photos of her father’s cart and mom wearing a toga, a sign of success and achievements.

She is so proud being a child of a fishball vendor and acknowledge that the years of hard work her parents was paid off as she graduated.


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