Simple Recipe That Will Protect Your Liver From Disorder

Simple Recipe That Will Protect Your Liver From Disorder

The liver is the largest gland in the body that has a vital role in supporting most of the body organs in some facet. Without the liver, a person cannot live. It helps detoxify the blood from alcohol, drugs, and other harmful chemicals. It stores vitamins, iron, sugar glucose and transforms stored sugar to a supporting sugar when the body sugar gets low.

Factors such as unhealthy diet and poor lifestyle contribute to the poor function and disorder of the liver. A poor function of the liver is the cause of multiple health issues and you don’t want it to happen.

To recover from this nightmare and even protecting your liver requires a healthy eating and balanced lifestyle that produces an overall health.

This homemade recipe will help you detoxify, rejuvenate, and make your liver healthy. It makes the immune system stronger, prevent any kind of infections, regulates cholesterol and blood sugars, and even preventing cancer and improve skin health.

– 1 medium size cucumber
– 2 pieces of lemons
– A handful of parsley
– 200ml of water


Chop all the ingredients and place it in the blender. Add 200ml of water and blend it until everything turns to liquid.

Drink this juice twice a day on an empty stomach for one month. For best result, drink regularly every day.

Make your liver healthy and have a balanced diet by drinking this homemade juice!

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