Palm Reading: What is the meaning of the letter “M” on your hand?

Palm Reading: What is the meaning of the letter “M” on your hand?

Palmistry or palm reading is a fortunetelling the tells about your future by studying your palm. This practice often has conflicting and strange interpretations.

However, palm reading if misunderstood and its long history is quite concealed for some. Though this practice has no scientific proof, people are still wondering about the meaning of the letter “M” in the palm of the hand?

The letter M on the palm is formed by primary lines such as heart, head, and life lines. Though not all have these markings on their palm, people who have this are considered fortunate.

This “M” means they have good fortune in life and in the career they chose because of their strong motivation and disciple. They are always the head on every legal job they entered in. They are also gifted with extraordinary intuition and they are a good business partner.

A person who has this defined markings mastered seeing lies and deceit from people around them.

The letter “M” also means:

– Leadership
– Riches
– Great prospect
– Good life



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